Monday, October 27, 2014


                                         Hello Advertisers!

My name is Van Darden. I am an Ad Agent with EgomoneyAC. This company is awesome. It is a great ad platform for everyone to share their business.

Need Traffic? Need Leads? Get it here at Egomoney AC.

Have you heard or tweeted about #EGOMONEYAC?

 This is the newest website platform for advertising. Anyone that needs to get the word out about their business, website, cause, affiliate program,etc. #EGOMONEYAC is the place you want to advertise. We market our businesses and we make money.  How do you feel about making money while promoting your business? We are a global company with ads from all over the world. Share your dreams with us by placing your ad today.

Well, here at EgomoneyAC; we sell ad space. It's all about getting more exposure and traffic to your place of business. Whether you are promoting a book, your consulting service,or your fund raising event; you can do all that here at the newest ad platform called EgomoneyAC.

Watch this 9 minute presentation: Now that you have a better understanding of EgomoneyAC;

Register for a free temporary spot at

Contact me when you decide to place your ad. I will walk you through the process. It is simple. Remember you need a address, a Paypal, Payza, or Solidtrust Account( these are the payment processors) that we use to pay for placing our ads. It is better to already have money in the account.The cost is just $5.00 or you can upgrade to level 4 ( must be confirmed on levels one, two, three, and four) cost is$58.00. At level 4 you can submit three 468/60 banners in the EgomoneyAC Directory to advertise your business, website, or event.

 What company actually listens to it's members and take action. EgomoneyAC!

Thanks for placing your ad on the latest ad platform with Van Darden.

To Your Ad Success,
Van Darden

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