Saturday, January 28, 2017

Van Learns How to Use Bitcoins to Create Money to Help Others

The buzz is Bitcoin and has been for sometime.One must ask the first question what is Bitcoin? Reviewing and reading some of the resources listed below will help you to understand why Bitcoin is becoming so valuable. #Demand and #Supply.

 Learn how you can retire with bitcoin at

Also read the book called the The Internet of Money” -

The government is cutting out the funds. What is your alternative way to create and maintain wealth for you and your family during this financial uproar. The plan #BITCOIN. #RETIREWITHBITCOIN

Watching the video below will give you some insight as to why you too need to acquire some bitcoins.

I will help you setup your blcokchain wallet or you can go to Click on Create a Free Wallet. In my next blog, I will share fund to fund your blockchain wallet. First watch the video below and then check out Mark Thompson's Facebook Live videos on youtube.

Join my #BITCOINBUSINESSPARTNER Mark Thompson on Facebook Live for his next overview on #BITCOIN

Comment below with Yes, you want to have an alternative way to the financial uproar happening now.

Thanks for allowing me to share. Yes, I have setup my blockchain wallet and have made my first bitcoin transaction with the assistance of my  Bitcoin Business Partner Mark Thompson. Thanks Mark for helping me. I am looking forward to retiring with Bitcoins.