Sunday, February 19, 2017

Auto Bitcoin Builder - My First Week Review

 Mark Anthony gave a great review on Auto bitcoin Builder today. Join me and watch your money grow hourly. Start with as little as a dollar. I did and my money is growing. First sign up for a Free Auto bitcoin builder Account at :

Friday, February 3, 2017

Talk Bitcoin= Anyone can Share Bitcoin- Fund Any Cause with Fund My Cause

This is the right time to learn about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. New money is digital not  Paper. Get involve now. Watching the  videos below will change your life. Take this journey  with me and change your and your family's life. 
Stop just surviving when you can take action today. Start out small and go large when you totally understand the process. I am learning with you each time I share info from the pros. I becoming a great sharer. The information  is out there. I am taking action to fund not only my dreams but my granddaughters ' s dream and my neighbor's children's dream. Help me help them and you. Become part of the Digital Evolution.  Let's  make a difference  together  at

 Watch this first

Watch this video next:​
Together we can make a difference by funding with bitcoin. Use the Fund My Cause
crowdfunding platform where we learn how to use and make bitcoin transactions.
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New Money is not paper money.


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Give Now- Share Bitcoin and Save Dreams


What's Your cause? Share Bitcoin to make a Difference

Join Fund My Cause and help raise funds for your dreams as well as others. We will show you how to get started. Signup at
Once you signup watch the training videos in your back office. Follow the step by step video, if you need any assistance contact Van Darden.

What is your Alernative to the State of the Economy? Bitcoin

The fall of the American economy has been changing for years. The current status of the financial arena is changing how we will conduct business. we have known and seen the value of the dollar constantly losing value. What we could buy ten years ago with five dollars now takes twenty dollars. What alternative are you going to use to save money and pay off debt. At the rate that we are going families will be living together just to survive.
One of the alternative ways that I am using is the platform of crowdfunding with bitcoin called Fund My Cause which I am going to use in a number of ways. One to help raise funds for my granddaughter who wants to go to Japan. She has been studying Japanese since six grade and now has the opportunity to experience the Japanese culture for two weeks this summer. She needs to raise 8 bitcoins( 8,000) Secondly to help raise funds for a mission trip for a young teenager, who wants to experience missionary work with the youth group at church. She needs to raise 2 bitcoins( 2,000). Thirdly to raise bitcoins to fund my nonprofit to help pancreatic cancer patients. I will expand upon my causes in another blog. This was just to give you some ideas how you can start utilizing this platform to maintian and create wealth with bitcoin. We the people must take the future of our finances in our own hands and #BEOUROWNBANK. #SECUREYOURMONEYWITHBITCOIN

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Anyone Can Share Bitcoin to Fund a Cause

Look everyone  would it be fun to just own one bitcoin (last valued at 973.00 dollars) and hold on to it for years while the value increases. Now, some will say that don't have $1,000 to buy one bitcoin. What if I can show you how to take $60 one time and turn it into about $50,000. 
Watch this video as my business partner Mark Thompson explains How anyone can share bitcoins

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Talking Bitcoin- Understanding Fund My cause

I watched this video and I joined an amazing opportunity that allows everyday people to learn about bitcoin and how to make bitcoin transactions. Watch the video
This really simple. Like what you see like I did then click on Join Now

Helping Others to use bitcoin to Fund Their Causes with Fund My Cause- Givenow

What is all the buzz about you say. What is bitcoin and how will it impact me and my family? For the last two years,I have been familiarizing myself with cryptocurrency and I admit it was difficult in the beginning. The more I researched and learned about this new technology , the more fascinate I became. Now that I have embarked upon a platform that will allow me to learn how to make the digital transactions and not be intimidate by it because it is new.
 Since the election of President Trump, #Bitcoin has receive more notice and the price continues to soar. With that in mind, ask yourself do I want to be left out? Consider the fact that the government is shutting down major programs that helped the disable, seniors, children and the disadvantage.

The title talks about funding your cause using #Bitcoin and that is where we can help each other by donating bitcoins to help with each fund whether paying debt, mortgage, vacation, saving for an emergency, or funding a project for your community. As we combine our efforts by helping each other reach our financial goals; we will strengthen our families by pulling monies together to help each other.
 Click on   Learning to Fund with Bitcoin