Thursday, February 2, 2017

Helping Others to use bitcoin to Fund Their Causes with Fund My Cause- Givenow

What is all the buzz about you say. What is bitcoin and how will it impact me and my family? For the last two years,I have been familiarizing myself with cryptocurrency and I admit it was difficult in the beginning. The more I researched and learned about this new technology , the more fascinate I became. Now that I have embarked upon a platform that will allow me to learn how to make the digital transactions and not be intimidate by it because it is new.
 Since the election of President Trump, #Bitcoin has receive more notice and the price continues to soar. With that in mind, ask yourself do I want to be left out? Consider the fact that the government is shutting down major programs that helped the disable, seniors, children and the disadvantage.

The title talks about funding your cause using #Bitcoin and that is where we can help each other by donating bitcoins to help with each fund whether paying debt, mortgage, vacation, saving for an emergency, or funding a project for your community. As we combine our efforts by helping each other reach our financial goals; we will strengthen our families by pulling monies together to help each other.
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