Friday, February 3, 2017

Talk Bitcoin= Anyone can Share Bitcoin- Fund Any Cause with Fund My Cause

This is the right time to learn about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. New money is digital not  Paper. Get involve now. Watching the  videos below will change your life. Take this journey  with me and change your and your family's life. 
Stop just surviving when you can take action today. Start out small and go large when you totally understand the process. I am learning with you each time I share info from the pros. I becoming a great sharer. The information  is out there. I am taking action to fund not only my dreams but my granddaughters ' s dream and my neighbor's children's dream. Help me help them and you. Become part of the Digital Evolution.  Let's  make a difference  together  at

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Together we can make a difference by funding with bitcoin. Use the Fund My Cause
crowdfunding platform where we learn how to use and make bitcoin transactions.
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New Money is not paper money.


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