Thursday, February 2, 2017

What is your Alernative to the State of the Economy? Bitcoin

The fall of the American economy has been changing for years. The current status of the financial arena is changing how we will conduct business. we have known and seen the value of the dollar constantly losing value. What we could buy ten years ago with five dollars now takes twenty dollars. What alternative are you going to use to save money and pay off debt. At the rate that we are going families will be living together just to survive.
One of the alternative ways that I am using is the platform of crowdfunding with bitcoin called Fund My Cause which I am going to use in a number of ways. One to help raise funds for my granddaughter who wants to go to Japan. She has been studying Japanese since six grade and now has the opportunity to experience the Japanese culture for two weeks this summer. She needs to raise 8 bitcoins( 8,000) Secondly to help raise funds for a mission trip for a young teenager, who wants to experience missionary work with the youth group at church. She needs to raise 2 bitcoins( 2,000). Thirdly to raise bitcoins to fund my nonprofit to help pancreatic cancer patients. I will expand upon my causes in another blog. This was just to give you some ideas how you can start utilizing this platform to maintian and create wealth with bitcoin. We the people must take the future of our finances in our own hands and #BEOUROWNBANK. #SECUREYOURMONEYWITHBITCOIN

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