Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Club 8- What is the excitement

My Club 8 – Straightline PRE-LAUNCH

Welcome to the Pre-launch !

Club8 members are getting the positioning and treatment they deserve.
Starting April 1st– Without sponsoring a single person – and with a low price point of just $39.95 – they are getting placed in our company-wide Straight Line system.
That means that you can earn 2.5% of commissions on people that land under you from any source all the way down 5 levels.
If you get excited about our products and start sharing with others, you’ll also qualify for as many as 5 levels of our Bonus Pool, which means you can earn even MORE money once you start sharing this with others!
You’ve already locked your time stamp now that you’ve entered your information.
But this can’t last forever.
Starting April 1st– Our Straight Line system allows you to upgrade until April 22nd. Any commissions you could potentially earn go away after that.
Mark your calendar! April 1st is the time to upgrade for just $39.95 and get your hands on the hottest product on the market.
Become part of the Club 8 revolution. 
JOIN TODAY! Click Here

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