Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Van asks Are You In with Bitcoin? and if You are Join Now


For the last two years, I have joined various cryptocurrency opportunities, what I found was that not all countries( including the United States) are embracing the various coins that are being made. I continued to educated myself by reading and buying educational packages that explains how cryptocurrency worked. I subscribed to Coin Desk,Reddit, joined groups that share cryptocurrency and the lastest technology. However the technology evolves daily especially blockchain technology.

People this technology is fascinating and scary at the same time. We have to embrace the NEW. Our Fiat is worthless. So why are we as Free American standing around waiting for Big Brother to pass laws that will enslave our movement of our money. Big Brother is already tracking our every movement( they made a tv show about it, remember), now the government wants to become rich leaving the poor to remain poor.
We need to stop this.        How? you asking.

There are a few basics that you need to become aware of before diving straight in to joining any crytpocurrency money making opportunities.

  • Learn what bitcoin is 
  • How the blockchain works
  • Create a Free Blockchain account
  • Create a Free account at CoinBase ( one website to buy and sell bitcoins, There are many others, I like this one.)
  • Research the web for legitimate money making bitcoin opportunities
  • Here are twoopportunities that I have joined and making money. ( Here again, do your own research) If you decide to join, start out small.That is my own philosophy while others would tell you to start big. Some programs required you to recruit.( If this is not your strong point then I suggest you stay away from them)
  1. Gladiacoin- Double Your Bitcoins in 90 Days- Great program even for those you cannot recruit. Make money own your money. SignUp Now
  2. Auto Bitcoin Builder- Start with as little as a $1.00 - No recruiting required. Watch your money grow and yes you can with draw your money.  Click Here to join for Free

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